1510 Basin Street Southwest, Ephrata, WA 98823

In-Store Products

Feed & Pet Food


We carry a large range of cattle products, from feed to mineral. Let our staff help you decide what is best for the needs of your livestock. Try some premium Wind & Rain cattle mineral, available in varieties like All Season, Procycle, & Hi-Mag. We also have stock tanks available for purchase.


We treat our horses like family– let us help you treat yours just as well! Our range of hose products features choice feeds like Purina Omolene, Strategy, and Outlast. We also stock horse veterinary items.

We now carry Enrich Senior Plus.


We want your hens to be in egg-cellent condition! Treat them to high quality feeds such as Purina Layena in pellets or crumbles. For the chicks, we stock lines such as Purina Start & Grow and Organic Starter-Grower. We also have Kruse Perfection Blend, Super Egg, Super Flock, Super Grubs, Don Roberto, CHS Feed, and Kruses Perfections.

Sheep & Goat

Whether you’re going for fluffy sheep or agile goats, we have a solution! Try out Purina Premium Goat, or Purina Lamb Starter & Lamb Grower. We also stock Purina’s All Lifestage Goat Mineral. 


We carry Mazuri feeds for all your uncommon critters. We have blends for Hedgehogs, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Llamas & Alpacas and Koi Fish. 


We know you love your pets– but make sure they know it too with top-tier brands like Diamond Pet, Taste of the Wild, Hills, ValuPak, Wholesomes, and Canidae. We also stock pet toys, crates, and health supplies. We have 10x10x6 kennels available as well.


Children's Toys

Bring the little ones along too! We stock a variety of toys from Melissa & Doug that the kids will love.


Looking to give your property some structure? We carry Patriot brand electric fencing for easy coverage with large tracts of land.


There isn’t anything quite like a farm-fresh egg! If you’re looking to raise poultry, we have everything you’ll need for the job, including egg incubators and fencing. Stop by in the spring to shop our “Chick Days” variety of live baby chicks. 

Grilling & Heating

If you want to cook out, look no further. We stock Louisiana brand pellet grills and pellets and Lodge brand Sportsmans grills for that authentic char. We also carry Purcell Premium wood heat pellets.


Old Hickory

We have a large selection of Old Hickory brand sheds available for purchase or rent. For more information, please call Renee at 509-398-0759 or Dillon at 509-986-9116. Click here to visit the Old Hickory website.


Stop in the store and check out our t-shirts, sweatshirts and memorabilia! We also have branded stocking caps, and Wild Rags.

We stock Key® brand winter apparel, Grubs® winter boots including short-rise Frostline & Midline boots, and Muddies for kids.

Winter Items

We have a comprehensive selection of heating supplies and winter tools including tank de-icers, heated chicken water warmers, Mr. Heaters, horse blankets, heated dog bowls, Carston Ink pillows and blankets, snow shovels, and dog blankets for insulation.

We stock Key® brand winter apparel, Grubs® winter boots including short-rise Frostline & Midline boots, and Muddies for kids.

Garden & Greens

Plants & Garden

We stock live, potted plants for your landscaping or garden, as well as all the gardening supplies you might need. Our selection of plants rotates seasonally, so please give us a call for current offerings! 

For fresh produce, visit us during our farmer’s market on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays of the Month from 9AM-3PM, May-September.

Seasonal Rotation

Fertilizer & Soil

Let us help you keep your garden in bloom and your fields a-plenty. We’ve got a variety of soils and fertizilizer blends from trusted brands like NuLife, GreensMix, and Wil-Gro by the bag.